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Concord, NH USA
Capital Region Mothers of Multiples

Welcome to THE Capital Region Mothers of Multiples


Upcoming Events

6/25/19 - MoMs Night Out

7/20/19 - summer party

Sept - family photos

12/7/19 - adult holiday party

3/29/20 - spring family event

Monthly Meetings

7-9 PM at the Concord Hospital, Payson Center 3rd floor, conference room C (subject to change).  Park in lot B and enter through the Payson Center entrance. 

No meetings June, July, August 

9/10/19 - meeting  (Tuesday)

10/9/19 - meeting  (Wednesday)

11/12/19 - meeting  (Tuesday)

1/14/20 - meeting  (Tuesday)

2/15/20 - meeting   (Wednesday)

3/10/20 - meeting  (Tuesday)

4/8/20 - meeting  (Wednesday)

5/12/20 - meeting  (Tuesday)

Contact Us



Mail :

1 Everett Ave

Bow, NH 03304


The Capital Region Mothers of Multiples (CRMOM) provides outreach and  peer support to parents and expectant parents of multiples in the New  Hampshire Capital Region. Members meet monthly to discuss the unique  challenges of parenting multiples and to hear speakers on a variety of  parenting topics. Members also benefit from our quarterly newsletter,  email groups and many social activities.

Through our meetings and  events, you will find sound advice, support and friendship from  seasoned mothers of twins. No one knows the trials and tribulations of  raising two or more children at a time than does another mother of  twins!

If you are an expectant or current parent of multiples, we invite you to come to a meeting or contact us.